Excerpts from Baker Roshi’s Forthcoming Book


Because Zen practice has been the entirety of my adult life, this book is in part about how my Western and personal views and my way of functioning have changed and evolved through Zen practice. To put it simply: Zen practice has changed my worldviews, my experienceable immediacy, and my satisfactions.

This book also continues the articulation and exposition of Suzuki-roshi’s, my teacher’s, Zen teaching and practice, at least to the extent that I have been able to embody and continue his understanding and way of being.

My relationship with him continues to be the basis for my life and my practice with others. Thus this description of Zen practice flows first of all from his Zen practice and then as well as from my own practice over the years. My practice has also evolved through and along with the many persons with whom I have practiced and with whom I practice today. This evolving flow of practice from teacher to disciple is the measure and constitution of Zen lineage teachings.

I have tried to make each sentence as experientially clear as I can, for I want each sentence to be part of your path into Zen. Also, I want words to point vertically out of sentences, as well as horizontally (in the syntactical direction of the sentence). For example, I would like the word ‘Buddha’ to point at you.

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