Work Week

May 20 – 28, 2017

During the Work Week the Sangha will come together to plant the vegetable garden, create a location in the garden for new beehives, continue with improving the campus landscaping, develop the soil in the new garden plot, and prepare the facilities for the summer guest season.

We will follow a more work-intensive schedule than normal, but still hold morning and evening Zazen meditation. Zenki Roshi will also lead dharma discussions on a few evenings instead of Zazen. Come enjoy the camaraderie and practice-orientation of Sangha work, as well as our delicious vegetarian meals.

The Work Week is free of charge for those committing to the full week. If you are not able to participate in the entire Work Week, it is also possible to come for the weekend, arriving on Thursday May 25. The fee for participating in the weekend only is $100.

Arrival: 4-5 pm, opening dinner 6 pm
Departure: 11 am after brunch

Please use our registration form.