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Information on the Current Schedule
The schedule varies depending on the season. For the current schedule, please click here. During the group guest season, July through September, the schedule varies slightly.

You can also contact us and request to be put on our “Zazen” emailing list to receive schedule changes by email.

Daily Zazen
All Zazen periods are open to the public. If you are new to our Zendo, please come 15 minutes before the scheduled time of Zazen to receive a Zendo introduction.

Morning Zazen
5:00 am Zazen
5:50 am Kinhin
6:00 am Zazen
6:40 am Service

except on Mondays, when Zazen will be from 6:30-7:15 am

Evening Zazen (except on Sun, Mon and Wed)
7:50 pm Zazen
8:20 pm Kinhin
8:30 pm Zazen
9:00 pm End Zazen

Weekly Dharma Talks
Please click here for more information.

Zen Practice
You can join the daily practice by registering for a student retreat.