CMZC Covid-19 Safety Measures

We are committed to ensuring the environment here is as safe as possible for our guests and residents. With that in mind, we continue to employ the Covid protocols you find below.

Prior to Arrival: We ask everyone who is coming to Crestone Mountain Zen Center, regardless of vaccination status to isolate/limit exposure for 5 days prior to arrival, and to test upon arrival.

Isolating/Limiting exposure means not being in proximity to others, especially in enclosed spaces. Any form of public transportation – airplane, bus, train, etc., constitute enclosed spaces, as do crowded stores or other public spaces.

Upon Arrival: If you have avoided exposure for 5 days, you may test upon arrival and with a negative test, join the community. If you are in this category, you can join all activities freely.

If you have NOT been able to isolate/limit exposure, we require you to test daily for five days since your last exposure, and to maintain social distance from other guests and residents. After five days, and a final negative test, you may join the community freely for all activities.

In the event you test positive for Covid during your stay, we will do our best to find a suitable place for you to isolate from others onsite. If we are unable find suitable accommodations onsite, you will be asked to stay off-campus, at your own expense.