New Year’s Seminar – Baker Roshi’s Last Formal Teaching

The New Year’s Seminar in Crestone will be Baker Roshi’s last formal teaching.

The topic is: “Yogic Time, Practice Time, A New Year’s Seminar.”

Baker Roshi’s retirement from formal teaching will begin in 2019. However, going forward, he plans to be available during certain days each month he’s in residence to meet with whomever shows up. In Europe, where he’s currently leading his last Ango Practice Period, he calls this new informal teaching presence ‘Doorstep Zen.’ We will inform you about future dates of this kind in Crestone.

The New Year’s Seminar typically fills up. With Baker Roshi’s formal teaching career of 50 years coming to an end, we expect increased interest. To reserve accommodations, we recommend you contact our office soon. If interest is very high, participants can sleep in the Zendo.

For more information on the seminar, click here.