Zen Programs

2021 – 2022

Events listed with a 🖥 symbol indicate that an online participation option is offered.


Sangha Work Week

May 15, 2022 This event has passed
During the Work Week the Sangha will come together to plant the vegetable garden, continue with improving the campus landscaping, develop the soil in the new garden plot, and prepare the facilities for the summer guest season. Come enjoy the camaraderie...

Zazenkai in July

July 14, 2022 Unlimited tickets
We invite you to join us for our July Zazenkai (sitting intensive). Varying in length between 2 and 4 days, a Zazenkai is a silent mini-retreat. We follow a sesshin-like schedule; most of the day is dedicated to zazen but...

Waking the Intuitive Body

August 3, 2022 Unlimited tickets
Waking the Intuitive Body with Jeanie Manchester This powerful women’s retreat deeply explores and refines your intuition in a creative…