Travel Information


The nearest regional airport is Alamosa, which is about 1 hour south of Crestone. You will need to arrange ground transportation (car rental or taxi/shuttle service) to get from Alamosa to Crestone.

There are also airports in Colorado Springs (3 hours), Denver (4 hours) and Albuquerque (5 hours). There is a daily bus service between Denver and Alamosa, which stops in Moffat. You can use the local taxi/shuttle services to get from Moffat to Crestone (25 minutes).

Car Rentals at Alamosa Airport

1) Budget Car Rental: (719) 589-0103
2) L & M Automobile Rental: (719) 589-4651

What to Bring to CMZC

Please bring comfortable clothes or a sitting-robe for Zazen. You should bring three pairs of slip-on shoes for the Zendo, the Main House, and your room. It can be very dark at night, so it is wise to have a flashlight or headlamp. Finally, we are on the side of a mountain with fine hiking trails and thus hiking or walking shoes are useful. Please also bring work clothes. Work includes cooking, cleaning, maintenance tasks and yard work.

Optional 3% Zero Carbon Fee

In looking for ways to finance and incrementally realize our Zero Carbon Campus Vision in the context of our wider ecological initiative, we add a 3% fee to all of our Zen and Guest rates. To opt out of this fee please inform the Guest Manager upon making your reservation. More information can be found here.

Local Taxis and Shuttle Service

1) Windhorse Transportation & Tours, Crestone: call (719) 256-4091
2) Little Stinkers Taxi, Alamosa: call (719) 589-2500

Daily Bus Service: Denver-Moffat-Alamosa

Ride Bustang: call 800-900-3011

Depart Denver Union Station @ 1:55  PM  –> Arrive Moffat @ 6:08 PM

Depart Moffat @ 6:45 AM –> Arrive Denver Union Station @ 10:50 AM

**Both directions requires a bus change in Salida

Weather and Climate


Crestone is a high desert climate. It’s cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Skies are mostly clear. We are at 8,400 feet and the sun is intense. Please bring a sun hat and sunscreen.

In the winter, the temperature can drop to -10ºF in the early morning and evening when Zazen is scheduled. It is usually not so cold during the day. There is some snow in the winter and occasionally it can be quite deep. Please bring winter clothes and boots.

If you are not accustomed to high altitude, please remember to drink plenty of water. Altitude physiologists recommend drinking 2-3 liters of water per day before your trip to help your body prepare. Being well rested when you arrive also decreases high altitude illness symptoms.

Doctor & Hospital Locations

The Zen Center is located in a remote forest just outside of the small town of Crestone. The nearest doctor’s office or hospital is an hour away in either the town of Salida or Alamosa.

CMZC Campus Map

Please click here to view a map of our campus.


Please use Google Maps for driving directions to CMZC. Google directions from Moffat (the last half hour of your trip) can be confusing. Please download our additional directions from Moffat to Crestone.