Zen Practice

The fundamental practice at Crestone Mountain Zen Center is the daily schedule. To simply follow the scheduled periods of Zazen, work, meals (oryoki), and study is the basis for our practice, individually and together.

If you are interested in coming to CMZC, you can join the daily practice as a student or participate in one of our Zen Programs. To be a student at CMZC means to join the resident monks and lay practitioners in following the meditation and work schedule.

If you prefer not to participate in our schedule and formal meal practice, you can also stay with us as a guest. Guests may attend any Zazen periods and Dharma Talks.

Dharma Talks followed by Q&A and a Dharma Circle discussion group are scheduled for most weeks, see our current events page for more information. Zazen instruction and personal interviews (Dokusan) with the resident teachers can be arranged.

For student participation, we recommend a minimum stay of 5 days. Please try to arrive on Tuesday and depart on Sunday. If you are unable to come for the minimum amount of time, contact the office to check if alternative arrangements are possible.

To arrange a stay as a student please complete our registration form.

Student Fees
All fees include lodging and 3 vegetarian meals per day. Accommodations for Zen students may include shared rooms.

Daily Rate: $25
Monthly Rate: $600

Practice Period
During the annual 90-day Practice Period (January 9 – April 16) access is limited to practitioners who have an established relationship with the Dharma Sangha. You may apply for a short-term participation in the Practice Period if you are unable to attend the entire time.

Summer Work-Trade Scholarships
During the Group Retreat Season from mid-July through September, daily morning and evening Zazen continues. However, daily schedules vary according to guest group needs and work periods are longer. Student Retreats are free of charge for a limited number of work-trade positions (1-month minimum). Otherwise, the regular student rates apply.